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About Lloyd Knox

I'm a Professor of Physics and Astronomy at UC Davis, where I have been on the faculty since 2000. My research area is cosmology. I am mostly motivated by an interest in the fundamental laws of nature and a fascination with the cosmos. I continue to be amazed that we can make very successful predictions, based on physical theories developed here on Earth, for what was happening at the edge of the observable universe billions of years ago. It has been a privilege to participate in the development of cosmology at the end of the 20th and into the 21st centuries. 


I enjoy sharing my fascination with and knowledge of physics and cosmology in a variety of settings: formal classrooms from "astro 101" type courses through to advanced graduate courses, special workshops, one-on-one conversations, and public lectures. I have also performed a song, Dark Energy, whose lyrics I wrote.


I write a blog about careers in physics, which consists mainly of interviews I conduct with people with physics degrees who are, for the most part, working outside of academia. I do this to bring a broader perspective to our students than my academic colleagues and I are able to provide directly.  


My work has been supported by the National Science Foundation, NASA, and the Department of Energy. In 2013 I was elected as a Fellow of the American Physical Society.

Contact me  (preferred method)


Voice: +1 (530) 754-0552

Fax:     +1 (530) 752-4717

Twitter:     @LloydEKnox


Department of Physics

One Shields Ave 

Davis, CA 95616

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