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Yolo Food Bank


Since August 2012 I have served on the board of directors of the Yolo Food Bank. In April 2013 I wrote a short piece for our local newspaper about why. I am currently serving as Vice President of the Board.


Although it’s easy to not notice, hunger and malnutrition are a problem for many in Yolo County. More than 20% (44,000) of Yolo County residents do not have enough to eat. One in four children do not know where their next meal will come from. We are fortunate to have a great organization working to address these problems in our community. With the assistance of its partner agencies, the Food Bank serves about 20,000 people each month.  By leveraging donations of food the Food Bank can turn every donated dollar into more than 2 meals.  Where else can you get such value for your money? Please consider giving!  


Running of the Turkeys

If you are at UC Davis, a really fun way to give is to enter a team into the Food Bank’s principal annual fundraiser, a 5K run/walk on Thanksgiving morning called “The Running of the Turkeys.” For Thanksgiving 2012 we had entries from Land Air and Water Resources, Materials Sciences and Physics and coverage in Dateline. We had 19 on Team Physics, making our team the second largest, beaten out only by the Soroptomists International of Woodland. I figure we won in the amateur category (SI does charity as their bread and butter; we’re just physicists!)


In 2012 Team Physics raised almost $1,000 via entry fees and donations.  That’s equivalent to over 2,000 meals. 


In 2014 we set a goal of $4,600 in entry fees and donations to come from Team Physics. And we met it! We also won best-dressed team (thanks mainly to Professor Richard Scalettar who also won best-dressed individual), and got honorable mention for having the second-largest team entry (again! grrr...).


Please let me know if you are interested in participating in our 2016 effort, either with our team, now called The Running Coupling Constants, or if you want to launch your own team. 

How Money Can Buy Happiness



Team Physics in 2014

Some of Team Physics in 2012

You can watch the video, or I'll just tell you the bottom line right here: money brings happiness if you spend it on others!

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