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Public Speaking


"Thanks for giving us such a great evening.  I [promoted the event as] 'edutainment' and you filled the bill expertly being both educational and keeping the audience alive, listening and laughing.  ...It was a magical night-can't say thank you enough."

       Tinka Ross, Mt. Tam Astronomy Program Coordinator


Are you looking for an entertaining and educational speaker? One who will make your audience laugh, and have them walk away with a deepened sense of wonder and amazement about the workings of the cosmos?


Contact me and we can discuss whether I would be a valuable addition to your event.


For annotated links to online video recordings of selected public lectures please visit this page





"Even more of a treat perhaps was the 'medium is the message' aspect: hearing directly from a practicing scientist, unafraid to say when there is no answer, clearly in command of his subject, full of the joy of discovery, gracious, and funny."

             Workshop Participant in "Introduction to Modern Cosmology"


For more reviews of this 4-hour workshop I led in 2013, please see this page.  


I'm available to lead a workshop on our modern view of the cosmos, or perhaps more specific topics. Please contact me if you are interested.




Excerpt from a talk I gave at the Silicon Valley Astronomy Lecture Series. Click here for the full presentation. 

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