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Introduction to Modern Cosmology

My most recent workshop was for the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) in 2013 called "Introduction to Modern Cosmology." It was a mixture of presentation by me, working on exercises in small groups, and whole-class discussions that we fit into two two-hour sessions. Some of the pictures on this page are from that workshop.


Participant Evaluations

"Lloyd Knox can come back to OLLI any time to talk about physics!"


"Dr. Knox, illustrating science at its very best, explicates the scientific dance between theory, prediction, and evidence, leading in the last century to the current cosmological interpretation of our universe.


Even more of a treat perhaps was the 'medium is the message' aspect: hearing directly from a practicing scientist, unafraid to say when there is no answer, clearly in command of his subject, full of the joy of discovery, gracious, and funny.


Would that we 'lay-people' had much more access to such inspiring scientists."


"Excellent communication skills when communicating with students -- answering questions."


"So knowledgeable and patient and open to all questions."


"A tough subject and a game instructor. So glad OLLI offered this class."


"[Instructor was] energetic, committed to knowledge transfer and appreciation for the mysteries of cosmology."


"fascinating subject, clear presentation, patience, clarity, willingness to field questions during class"


"I would like to see another course in other cosmology topics (e.g. dark matter, string theory) taught by Lloyd Knox."


"Young, ambitious, intelligent academic. Very good at fielding the questions from our class. Able to table questions, then return to them, answer, and still move the class along. Good job."


"Was an excellent introduction to a highly complex subject."


"Dr. Knox was very good about leading class discussion and answering many, many questions."


"Great enthusiasm, and did a good job of simplifying for us lay people."


"Very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Patient with students who don't have a science background."


"Instructor provided good overview of the theories. I learned so much. He was thorough, presented challenging, complex ideas. Very informative."


"Liked that he took questions during the talks. He was very interested in making sure people understood, he was enthusiastic and extremely knowledgeable, and explanations were very understandable."


"If you could teach a sequel it would be great. Thank you for taking the time to teach this course!"


"This course was an excellent way for me to understand a subject that I have loved since I was a little girl."



Other Workshops

I have also led workshops for teachers through the Science in the River City program on the campus of Sacramento State and, for a different group on the campus of Sonoma State.


Please contact me if you are interested in a workshop on modern cosmology for your group. 

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